Functional Electrolytes
Meeting Changing Customer Needs

Enabling Total Battery Solutions

Cycle life, conductivity, discharge rate, safety –
Advanced Electrolyte Technologies offers customized electrolytes to optimize the performance characteristics essential for your battery application.

Wide Variety of Standard and Customized Grades

More than 100 grades of functional electrolytes including POWERLYTE ™

High Performance Electrolytes

Anode performance – preventing electrolyte decomposition at the graphite edge
Cathode performance – forming surface film to prevent electrolyte decomposition
Safety performance – for greater overcharge protection
Anti-corrosion performance – to decrease impact of foreign particles
Wettablility improvement – to improve wettability of the separator

AET’s electrolytes, and batteries made with these electrolytes, are protected by one or more of the following exclusively licensed United States patents or application listed below. This information is provided in satisfaction of the virtual patent marking provisions pursuant to United States patent laws (35 U.S.C. §287, as amended). This list may not be exhaustive:


Small cell, large cell, cylindrical cell, prismatic cell, pouch cell and polymer cell – our formulations can meet your needs

Suitable for batteries used for:
Notebook PC’s, cell phones, power tools, pedelec and E-bikes, HEV, PHEV and EV, energy storage devices used for power shortages and load leveling